Fix Canon Printer Not Printing Issue

Canon, one of the top printer brands and is known for offering extremely great quality print results. Besides all this, the issues with the Canon printer are also no less. We need not to blame the company for this, as the Canon printers are also machines only and machines do have a tendency to stop working when any problem occurs Canon Printer Not Printing.

One such problem that is commonly faced by the Canon printer users and owners is Canon printer not printing. This issue has the power to affect your daily office or home work. But one thing that you are unaware of is that this problem can be easily resolved. You can resolve this problem yourself without the help of any expert or technician. All you need to do is to know the cause of the printer not printing error and have to follow the steps we have mentioned below.

Causes of Canon Printer Not Printing

The major reasons that usually affect the printing work of a Canon printer includes:

  • Print queue getting stuck with multiple print jobs.
  • Printer is unable to print because of paper jamming.
  • The fluctuating power can also be an issue for this problem.
  • Unstable wireless connection is also responsible.
  • Printer driver related issues also lead to printer not printing.
  • The printer software or the mobile printing application not supporting or not synchronized to your Canon printer.
  • Printer firmware or the firewall not installed correctly.
  • Not updated printer drivers is also a reason.
  • Loaded paper size not matching with the printer can also be a cause.
  • Unestablished secure connection between the printer and the computer system.
  • Another reason can be when all the shared networks are unable to view the printer.
  • When there are multiple printers on the same network it can cause network jam.
  • Outdated software as Canon printers are not compatible with them.
  • Wrong passphrase or the network key.
  • Incorrect password configuration.
  • Faulty cartridge vents.
  • Uncleaned printer heads.

Troubleshooting Canon Printer Won’t Print Issue

  • The very first thing is to clear out the paper jamming error by opening the printer cover and loosening the header of the cartridge. Now you have to carefully remove the paper that is stuck there and reinstall the cartridge header back to its place. Now just rest and start printing.
  • The next thing to make sure is that the printer driver that has been installed on your system is not faulty. In case if it, you have got it updated, download other one or reinstall it as soon as possible to let your printer work perfectly.
  • Also check the power connection and the power cord as well. Canon printers do have the tendency to not print while there are issues with power connection.
  • In case if you are using a mobile printing application for taking printouts from your Canon printer, and it does not synchronize well with the printer, then you have make sure that your mobile application is automatically selecting your printer and then scans the documents and then prints the same.
  • The issues with paper rim also need to be checked. The paper rim is loaded in the printer but while doing so you have to ensure that it is done carefully and effectively so that the paper can be easily pulled in by the printer while it is printing a job.
  • For situations like offices, where too many laptops, desktops and other devices are connected in the same network, the network jam causes often and this can also lead to faulty printing scenarios.
  • There are cases, where you will be required to manually choose the printer for your network, as it is not able to detect the printer.
  • Make sure that the printer is selected as a default printer otherwise printing problems like printer not printing can occur.
  • Remember to keep on updating your software in Windows, Mac or iPads as it helps in smooth printing experience.
  • Also make sure that the passphrase or the network key is correct and is perfectly configured.
  • Cleaning of the printer heads is also important.
  • Cartridges also need to be cleaned time to time.

Solutions to Canon Printer Won’t Print

  • Visit the official website of Canon and download the online instruction manual to understand how you need to configure and setup your printer.
  • Also make sure that your wireless Canon printer has a Wi-Fi connection available all the time for setting it up.
  • The system and the IP address of your Canon printer also need to be configured in a way that both the IP addresses matches with each other.
  • Also, don’t let your printer unused for a really long time as this will make the ink in the cartridges dry and hence leads to such problems.
  • For cleaning the printer queue, you have to go to the printer menu.
  • For removing the paper jamming, open the printer head and remove the paper stuck in the printer.
  • Also, make sure to clean the printer heads manually.

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