Connect iPhone to Epson printer are some of the most high end devices in the market today. They also serve as a good investment on every level, if one purchases an Epson printer. One of the best things about an Epson printer is the fact that you can print with the help of a number of devices on it. This could entail printing from mobiles, laptops, tablets and other devices. Make sure that you know the process to connect to these devices though. This is also something which needs to be done prior to printing.

  • Printer basics prior to connecting

Some of the things to keep in mind before you start this process is to ensure that your device has been connected in a proper manner. This would entail checking whether the device is wired, connected to the ports. Another thing to make sure is whether your network router is working, and if there is another avenue for internet connection, that should be working as well. Make sure that you check the internet connection on your device as well. Further, check the printer hardware and whether all of its peripherals are in order too.

  • Connecting I phone to Epson printer

One of the first things which you have to do in this case is to make sure that your Epson printer as well as your phone are both setup and connected on the same network of internet, the source should be the same for both of them. Only then will be process be done in a successful manner. On the Epson iPrint app, you have to click on the options where the names of the printers have been displayed. This will usually not be selected in advance and you will have to pick a printer out of these options.

  • Locating the printer

If your printer name is not visible, then it is usually because you have to go to the local tab option on your printer, and then move on to clicking on the name of the printer as it shows on your screen. If the name of the printer is still not visible, then you should be able to draw up a network connection in a manual manner by going to the Wi-Fi direct setup option. Another thing which you can do is manually type out the address of the printer onto the manual tab on your printer device. once this is done, then you can click on OK and save the details on your device. Ensure you conduct a few test prints to check whether or not the device is printing properly.

  • In case of remote printers, setup process

Make sure that in case of remote printers, when the dialog box shows on your screen. You have to first go to the Epson i Print app as well over here. This would entail going into the app and choosing the option which says ‘remote’ instead of the first two options. You will have to agree to the dialog boxes which show on your screen and grant the allowances which are present on the screen.

Ensure that you have your printer address typed out in the next dialog box, and this has to be done manually. After this you will then get the name of your printer displayed on the screen for you. Make sure that you then move on to clicking on the printer name. Wait for a while for this to be displayed, and only then move on to the next step.

This will ensure that your printer is led to the website through the next few dialog boxes which show on your screen, and only then should you click on it. Follow the process of registering your printer on the website and then click on it. After you have saved the device details, then move on to doing a few test prints to check whether or not the device is working properly.

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