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The process of connecting the Epson printer to WiFi is a rather simple one. The good thing about these printers now is that they are able to connect with the help of these external network connections and also contribute to making it an overall easier setup for the printer work to be done. They can also be achieved through various devices, making it even simpler for the device to function. Overall, customers have given good responses in regard to this. The prospect of there existing a WiFi connection on the device lends it the aspect of it being more convenient to use as well.

Follow the steps given below to check on how you can connect your Epson printer to the WiFi connection.

  1. Start out by first going to the network connection option within your printer or even in some of the printers, the option says network settings too. Now from here you have to go to the wireless assistant setup on the device. click on the network option which you have setup and then type in the name of the key or passcode which you had been asked to save earlier.
  2. This is something which you can get from the back of your modem router or even the manual card when you buy your printer. In a lot of Epson printers, you also have the option of connecting to your device with the help of the WPS button. The process will require you to first ensure your button is held for a period of time until it stops blinking.
  3. Once it has stabilized, the printer will be able to provide a better idea of whether the device has been connected to the WiFi. However there are now a number of printing options where the printer can connect to the WiFi without the help of an external modem at all.
  4. In cases like this, you will have to select the option of wireless direct or even click on the option which says wireless on your printer. This will then enable the device to display a list of all the possible network options which are available to it, and then you can connect from there. Move on to ensuring whether the printer has been setup properly, is able to receive commands in a proper manner, as well as whether the device has no other network issues.
  5. Then you can connect your device in a proper manner. Also ensure you check your network connection entirely before you establish a connection with the device. there could be network errors which stem from it, and make sure that you first start out by checking whether or not the modem, router or any other network option is working properly.
  6. This will then lead to a dialog box opening on the screen, where you have to type in the password or key of the network. Then the network access will be granted to your device. from there, then you can ensure that your printer has been connected to the WiFi. However through this whole process, ensure that your internet connection does not diminish entirely, and remains in a good condition too. If it is slow, the printer connection might take longer than usual to connect to your Epson printer.
  7. Even for your MAC device, you can go to the system preference option within your device, and then click on the option which says apple. Then go to the option which says printing and scanning. Once you have done this, then you can move on to conducting a few test prints to see if all of the printer settings have been implemented on the device. In case of larger concerns, check if the driver related problems are not being caused.

You could also check if the printer is properly setup, if the connections and wires are in order and also lastly, check if the device has been undergoing regular updates on its software too.

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